Advertising Ideas and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

An important key to opening a successful small business is advertising. This is one of the most important investments a small business can make because without proper advertising, consumers may be unaware of the new business. There are several forms of advertising to consider.

Internet Advertising for a New Small Business

The Internet can be a great way to advertise a new or ongoing business. By creating a web page, consumers can have access to information 24/7. In making a web page, be sure it is easy to navigate, keep it updated, and include quality photographs that will make potential customers want to purchase the products or services offered.

E-mail Advertising List for a Business

Developing an E-mail list is a way to build customer relationships and help turn first time customers into long time customers. Compared to direct-mail, there are no printing or postage fees. Merely keep an E-mail sign-up sheet at the checkout counter and invite customers to sign up to learn about future promotional events.

Advertising a New Small Business in the Yellow Pages

Even in the world of the Internet, people still turn to the Yellow Pages. If finances allow, consider placing an ad. If not, at least have a listing that includes the company’s name, address, and phone number. There are times when a small business can fit in more than one category.

For example, a florist that also sells gift baskets could be listed under both florists and gift baskets. For an additional fee, the business can be listed under both.

Advertising in a Local Newspaper

It is quite common for people to want to keep up with the local news and a local newspaper is a way to achieve this. Local newspapers generally concentrate on the community. Due to the fact that the paper is local, advertising costs are usually quite reasonable.

In addition, a local newspaper can be a way to get free advertising when opening a new business. Is there is any type of human interest story that can be associated with the new business? If so, consider the possibility of writing a human interest story and submitting it to the local newspaper.

Additionally, is there a way the business can offer a “how to” column? An example of this would be if an individual was opening a garden store. A column could include How to Plant a Water Garden or The Best Weed Killer. The concept is to offer a free column in return for having the owner’s name and business name included in the column.

Television and Radio Advertising for a Local Small Business

More costly than some of the other ways to advertise, radio and television stations usually have time slots for local advertising. This form of advertising allows business owners to target a specific demographic. A good television or radio ad normally evokes a quick response.

Just like with a local newspaper, if there is a human interest story attached to the new small business, see if it’s possible to be interviewed by a local radio or television station. This is another way to get free advertising while creating public interest for the new business.

The above are some of the most common ways that new businesses advertise. Additional ideas include flyers, posters, and billboards. Before committing to any form of advertising, consider talking to owners of other local businesses to see what kind of advertising works best for them. Having the right kind of advertising can have a huge impact on how successful a new, local business will be.

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