By Cutting Out the Little Things Consumers Can Save Big

Is that second latte from a gourmet coffee shop really necessary? Does that one candy bar really satisfy a hunger craving that a healthy (cheaper) snack couldn’t? All of those seemingly small expenses really add up. If consumers cut out the small “extra” expenses, they could save some serious dough…enough to invest or save for a really big dream.

How to Cut back on Little Things and Save Big:

Cut out candy completely, or at least buy it in bulk at warehouse clubs. Face it, candy is cheap sugar and bodies don’t need it….and neither do pocket books. Save the calories and the bucks by eliminating these snacks completely. Can’t go cold turkey? At least curb the craving by buying a big bag only every two months from Sam’s or Costco and rationing candy intake. Feel like going for it and giving up the sugar for good? Then buy fruit and veggies in season from a warehouse club or a local farmers’ market. Fruits and vegetables may seem more expensive at the beginning, but once the habit begins, consumers notice their waistlines shrinking and they begin to eat less food altogether which saves in every way.

Buy whole coffee beans in bulk and invest in a grinder:

Again, warehouse clubs are the place to buy beans, or look for sales and coupons at the supermarket. Then find an inexpensive coffee grinder. The coffee savings alone will pay for itself in a matter of months. Ground coffee is more expensive and it doesn’t taste nearly as fresh as whole beans ground at home. And stay away from coffee shops! That’s where the real money is wasted. It’s ok to treat oneself to a latte once a month, but no more!

Save Spare Change in a Jar at Home:

That may sound childish, but if it is, kids actually have a good idea. They know the real meaning of saving before they get their hands on credit cards! So, stash that cash in an old coffee tin, a cookie jar or an old bowl somewhere and watch the pennies grow. At the end of the year invest and use that money to fulfill a dream. Every goal starts small. Just be patient. And that saving bug might just extend past the cookie jar. Saving can get addictive. The more one does it, they better he/she feels. Spending is a temporary high, and the let down is huge in terms of excess debt.

Remember, the little things matter the most in life. So find what small things are easy to cut out, and watch that money grow!

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