Wear Coloured Lenses, Change Eye Colour for a Complete Makeover

Change or enhance eye color with colored contact lenses to suit the mood or the latest fashion. Buy discount lenses to wear daily or just when you need a fresh look.

Colored lenses are not just for theatrical use where film stars wear them to dramatically alter the appearance and literally “look” the part they are playing, a good example being Angelina Jolie who wore brown lenses in the film A Mighty Heart.

Changing eye color has become part of the daily beauty routine for many celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton who use cosmetic contact lenses for everyday wear as well as for dressing up on special occasions like Halloween.

With advances in optical technology over the last few years, colored lenses are now affordable for everyone and are even available as daily disposables, so if you want to have piercing blue eyes like Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, just pop in a pair of blue eye contacts. Vision correction is not a requirement as these lenses are available in both prescription form and Plano form, meaning they have zero dioptric power.

Types of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

There are two main types of color lenses to choose from, contact lenses that enhance the natural eye color and those that completely change it:

Colour enhancing lenses – these work best on light colored eyes, for example, someone with pale blue eyes can achieve that Daniel Craig looks by choosing a lens in an ocean blue color such as those offered by Acuvue in their Colour Enhancer range. A person with dark eyes can still wear a color enhancing lens but must choose from a limited range to give the eye a color lift.

Colour changing lenses – these are suitable for any eye color as they are opaque, so a person with brown eyes can suddenly have blue ones, at the flick of a lens. The effects of a complete color change can look a little unnatural on some people so it’s important to get good advice from an eye care professional before ordering discount lenses online.

Other types of color lens are available including sports specific options to enhance balls, lines or shapes, enabling players to improve their technique. Plus there is a huge trend for wearing tinted cosmetic lenses in crazy designs for fancy dress or for going to a soccer match wearing contact lens “flags” to support a team.

Where to Buy Contact Lenses
It is easy to buy contact lenses online but this is best done from a specialist optical retailer that asks for a copy of your prescription, as required by law. Be cautious of sites that promote discount contact lenses, especially those selling unknown brands. The main brands in the colored contact lens market are Acuvue made by Johnson and Johnson and Freshlook made by Ciba Vision so look to these as a good price point reference.

It is much safer in the first instance to visit an eye care professional, both for an eye test and to confirm that contact lenses are suitable. Many people with astigmatism, for example, find it difficult to wear contacts. Your optician will also be able to give advice on the choice of the best ultra-smooth brand contact lenses and the correct cleaning and disinfecting procedures to avoid eye infections which can, in extreme cases, cause blindness.

Get a Fresh Look with Blue, Brown or Green Contacts
Enhance or completely change eye color with a great beauty product, colored contact lenses. Just be sure to have them fitted by a qualified eye care professional and follow proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures to keep eyes both beautiful and healthy.