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SMA 2016 Teaching Moments
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Teaching Moment


2016 SMA Teaching Moment 

Stephen B. Castleberry

How Could You Give Me Such a Low Grade!?

University of Minnesota Duluth

Castleberry 2016 SMA Teaching Moments.pdf


Kerrie Anne Ambrot-Clark


University of Texas—Tyler

Ambort-Clark SMA '16 Slides.pdf

Ambort-Clark Picture This Instructions to Students.pdf

Ambort-Clark Picture This Video.pdf


Melissa N. Clark

Social Media Consulting and Practice in Real Time

Coastal Carolina University

Clark--SMA Teaching Moment.mp4

Clark M Web '17

Clark--SMA 2016 Teaching Moment.pptx

Clark--Team Project Guidelines.docx


Cathy Curran

Wow!! Multitasking Really Hurts Your Grade

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Curran Experiment One.docx

Curran Teaching Moments.pptx


Charlie Drehmer

The Living Histogram: Making Marketing Statistics Exciting

DePaul University

Drehmer 2016 SMA Teaching Moment Slides.pptx

Drehmer--FAQ's The Living Histogram- Making Marketing Statistics Exciting.docx

Drehmer--The Living Histogram- Bimodal Distribution Picture.pdf

Drehmer--The Living Histogram- Excel Histogram.pdf


Jacqueline K. Eastman

When to Give a Flip:Flipping a MBA Marketing Project

Georgia Southern University

Eastman 2016 Overview of MBA Marketing Project.pdf

Eastman 2016 SMA Flipped Teaching.ppt


Eastman--Transcript Managerial Implications Section.pdf

Eastman--Transcript MBA Project Completing the Literature Review.pdf

Eastman--Transcript Putting Together the Final Project.pdf



Alexander E. Ellinger

Making SCM Relevant for Marketing Majors

The University of Alabama

Ellinger Teaching Moments.pptx

Ellinger--MER 2007.pdf

Ellinger--Mktg Majors in Warehouse.pdf


Phillip Hartley & Luis Torres

A Stakeholder Theory Approach to Experiential Learning Projects

Georgia Gwinnett College

Torres & Hartley Experiential learning stakeholder table.docx

Torres & Hartley SMA Experiential Learning Schematic.png


Karen Hood

The Great Chocolate Cereal Extravaganza

Eastern Kentucky University

Hood--Target Position Disc Guide.pdf

Hood--Target Position Student Wksheet.pdf

Hood-Great Chocolate Cereal Extravaganza.pdf


Saara Julkunen, Minna Rollins & Jonna Koponen

The Sales Theatre: A Novel Teaching Method for Professional Selling

University of Eastern Finland

Koponen Julkunen & Rollins Sales theatre assignment.pptx

Jin-Woo Kim

Take-A-Stand: Looking at Super Bowl Event from a Media Planner’s Perspective

Georgia Southern University

Kim--SMA Teaching Moment Slides.ppt

Lindsay R.L. Larson & Linda G. Mullen

Implementing design-thinking projects in the Sales Classroom

Georgia Southern University

Larson--WALLET project.pdf

Charles L. Martin

Nonverbal “Explanations” and Demonstrations of Essential Marketing Matters

Wichita State University


Melissa Moore & Robert Moore

Food for Thought: The 1-Minute Evoked Set Competition

Mississippi State University

Moore & Moore Evoked Set demonstration instructions.docx

Moore & Moore Food for Thought.pptx


Emi Moriuchi

Flipped Classroom and the Millennial Students

Fort Hays State University

Moriuchi--Course Component for International Marketing.pdf

Jeananne “Nan” Nicholls

¡lights NOT on BUT somebody IS home!

Slippery Rock University

Nicholls Lights NOT on BUT somebody IS home.pptx

Janna Parker & Hyunju Shin

Retailer Collage: What is Your Relationship to Your Favorite Retailer?

James Madison University, Georgia Southern University

Shin & Parker--Retailer Collage_example (whole foods).pptx

Shin & Parker--Retailer collage_grading rubric.docx

Shin & Parker--Retailer collage_instructions to students.docx

Shin & Parker--Retailer Collage_Teaching Moments slides.pptx


Traci Pierce

ZMET Project

Campbell University

Pierce -- Teaching Moment - ZMET Project.pptx

Pierce--ZMET Instructions for Professor.docx

Pierce--ZMET Instructions to Students.docx

Pierce--ZMET Student Work Samples.pdf


Cindy B. Rippé

Using DISC to Categorize Students for Teaching Success

Tarleton State University

Rippe--Using DISC To Categorize Students for Teaching Success.pdf

Rippe--Using DISC To Categorize Students for Teaching Success.pdf


Rich Rocco

Put Me In Coach: The Use of In-Person and Remote Coaching to Enhance Student Performance

DePaul University

Rocco--SMA Teaching Moments Session 2016- Put Me In Coach.ppt

Sarah Roche

Clever cCookies: Sales in Action Bake Sale Activity

Texas Wesleyan Univesrsty

Roche -- Assignment Instructions Group Selling Project.docx

Roche--Group Member Evaluation.docx


Tracey King Schaller

“Field" Learning: Analyzing Consumer Behavior at Sporting Events

Georgia Gwinnett College

Schaller--Braves Observation Guide

Shaller--SMA slides.pptx

Sandipan Sen, Richard A. Rocco & Louise Bodenheimer

Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration:Two Client-Focused, Experiential Case Studies

Southeast Missouri State University, DePaul University

Sen Rocco & Bodenheimer-Online Resource - .pdf

Sen Rocco & Bodenheimer-Online Resource - .pptx

Anastasia E. Thyroff

Qualitative Creative Inquiry

Clemson University

Thyroff--Qualitative CI.pptx

James H. Underwood III

Marketing, Economics and Accounting: Connect the Dots with Spreadsheets

University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Underwood-Dots Exercise.docx



Parker Woodroof

The Word Cloud – Know Thyself

University of Puget Sound

Woodoof--Word Cloud Assignment.docx

Woodroof--First Day of Class.pptx

Woodroof--Teaching Moments Slides.pptx


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