Branding Your EMails

Here’s irony. I not only remember, but still possess, an artifact from the ’80s: a special “letterhead book.” These publications accommodated thousands of letterhead, envelope, and label designs. Designing a letterhead had become a work of art, honed by the imperative of clearly reflecting a company’s brand image. By 1998, most Western countries noticed electronic […]

Online Advertising for Internet Newbies

What You Need to Know to Get Started Online Advertising used to be a fstraightforward business. An ‘ad agency’ would created advertisements and placed them in various venues. The venues were fairly limited, like newspapers, magazines or billboard and other outdoor advertisement. If the ad campaign was well funded and aggressive, it might include commercials […]

Innovative and Low Cost Advertising

A New Book Details Marketing Ideas from Entrepreneurs Lack of money for advertising often leads to innovative thinking for ways to market. A new book, The Risk Takers (Vanguard Press, 2010) by Renee and Don Martin profiles 16 entrepreneurs and their strategies for success including their successful marketing ideas. Low or No Budget Advertising Five of the […]

Merging Advertising and Public Relations

New Digital Media, Slashed Budgets Helping Bring Functions Together When the Cannes Advertising Festival added public relations to its contest categories in 2009, it was acknowledging the growing acceptance of the advertising-PR partnership in the 21st Century. It’s a partnership which purists on both sides looked down on for years, but which some agencies have […]