– About SMA Academic Placement Services

The SMA Academic Placement Service is available to members who are seeking job positions or schools recruiting for faculty positions. 

SMA hosts an interview room at our annual conference that provides an informal and relaxed atmosphere in which job applicants and school representatives may meet casually or conduct interviews.

– Academic Placement Services FAQs

How many schools will be interviewing at the conference?
The number of hiring institutions at the Conference varies from year-to-year, but in recent years 15-20 institutions interview at the SMA Annual Conference.

Do I have to register to just gain access to online job applicants’ information (hiring institution’s job postings)?
Yes, you must be registered to use APS.

Do I have to attend the Conference to participate in APS?
If you are a job applicant, yes, you must be registered for the Conference to participate in APS. If you are a hiring institution, no, you do not have to be registered for the Conference in order to participate.

How will I know if a school is interested in me?
Typically, schools contact and arrange interviews at the Conference (or some other location) with candidates that are interested in. However, there is no set protocol.

I do not want my intent to seek employment (to hire) made public. Can I obtain access to job postings (job applicant information) without posting my information?
Yes, both job applicants and hiring institutions may elect not to have their information posted to DropBox.

Will my information and CV (job posting) be available to other job applicants (hiring institutions)?
No. Job applicants can only view job postings and hiring institutions can only view job applicant information.

My accounting department requires a federal ID. What is SMA’s federal ID number?

For more information on SMA Academic Placement Services, please contact:

Cheryl Ward
Academic Placement Service Director
Middle Tennessee State University
Jennings A. Jones College of Business
Department of Marketing
Box 40
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Phone: 615-898-2433
Email: Cheryl.Ward@mtsu.edu