Merging Advertising and Public Relations

New Digital Media, Slashed Budgets Helping Bring Functions Together When the Cannes Advertising Festival added public relations to its contest categories in 2009, it was acknowledging the growing acceptance of the advertising-PR partnership in the 21st Century. It’s a partnership which purists on both sides looked down on for years, but which some agencies have […]

How to Finance a Small Business

Methods of Securing Business Loans and Increasing Working Capital One of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail is due to lack of capital. But what many small business owners may not realize is that financing a small business often becomes a juggling act. It means having several viable options and then knowing what source […]

How to Run a Small Business

Four Ways to Manage Work and Achieve Goals Everyone dreams of being the boss at some point in their lives. Controlling all the shots and setting the work schedule are just some of the benefits of running one’s own business. At the other side of the spectrum, however, is the stress of keeping work and […]

Cut Spending in Tiny Ways that Add up

By Cutting Out the Little Things Consumers Can Save Big Is that second latte from a gourmet coffee shop really necessary? Does that one candy bar really satisfy a hunger craving that a healthy (cheaper) snack couldn’t? All of those seemingly small expenses really add up. If consumers cut out the small “extra” expenses, they could save […]

How to Advertise a New Local Small Business

Advertising Ideas and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs An important key to opening a successful small business is advertising. This is one of the most important investments a small business can make because without proper advertising, consumers may be unaware of the new business. There are several forms of advertising to consider. Internet Advertising for a New […]


The Society for Marketing Advances (SMA), a premier marketing association that hosts an annual conference that brings together marketing educators and professionals from throughout the United States and abroad. SMA is founded to foster service, research, and education in all phases of marketing and to encourage the exchange of ideas among members with similar interest.  SMA endeavors to […]